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Ruth's Montessori was founded to create a learning environment where the focus is maintained on the child's unique development.

The children are taught practical life excerises in an environment that allows them to freely choose activities and gives them the room and time to work at their own pace. The materials in the class has been carefully selected by the teachers to provide variety, interest and the necessary learning experiences.

Socially they learn to take turns, how to help others, how to greet people and how to listen to others. Outdoor play time is highly valued. Freedom to run and play outdooors in a safe environment is welcomed each day.


Ruth's Montessori was established in 1993 on the grounds of Our Lady's Grove Primary School, Ruth Quinlan, BA Mont Ed, a past pupil of both Our Lady's Grove primary and secondary schools. 

The montessori continued on the grounds of the school for 24 years. In June 2017 Ruth's Montessori moved to premises in Trimbleston, off the Goatstown Road. 

Upon moving Ruth was able to open an additional class.  There now is two morning classes and one afternoon class all run from Trimbleston.