Our curriculum was developed to give children opportunity to move about freely within their learning space. Our environment allows the children to choose their own activities, which is achieved through our open shelves. The materials in the class have been carefully selected by the teachers to help nurture the child’s natural development. Such developement is supported through physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual means.

Practical Life Exercises

Practical life exercises help your child to develop dexterity skills and life skills. Learning how to do buttons and zips and controlled movements in spooning and pouring exercises.

Sensorial Exercises

Sensorial exercises let the child experience learning through the senses. They classify through their senses such attributes as size, colour, shape and dimension.

Number Work

Number work is taught to your child in the classroom using sequencing, sandpaper numerals, number rods and counters.


Langauge activities provide for an integrated language arts approach in which speaking, listening, reading and writing develop in unison.


Cultural activities help your child to learn and understand  about the world around them. Through weekly themes in history, geography, science, music and movement.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts gives your child freedom to express their imagination in a visual way, and also helps them aquire new skills.